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2005 Campylobacteriosis Outbreak Associated with a Camping Trip to a Farm

In June 2005, King County Public Health was notified that a several children on a school trip had been ill with diarrhea, abdominal pain, and fever following the trip. Campylobacter was isolated from the stool of the ill individual, and later in the week, two more cases of campylobacteriosis were reported in persons who had been on the same camping trip, held at a private farm.

Ultimately, fifty percent, or 14 of 28 people on the trip experienced symptoms of campylobacteriosis after the trip. Four cases were confirmed by laboratory analysis.

Although no single source for the illnesses was identified by the investigation, several high-risk activities were identified. Inadequate handwashing facilities and inadequate handwashing supervision likely exacerbated these risks.

The Epi-Log Newsletter, Volume 45, No. 7 - July 2005